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"As cool as it is to have a nine-time NBA champion be such an intimate part of this film, the real lasting impression comes from some of the most articulate and grounded high school athletes you could ever find. Class C, undoubtedly one of the best films from this year’s [Big Sky Film] festival, local or not, has scores of these eloquent women offering up profound perspective on the bleak future of their dying hometowns, the potential end to generations of history, and how deep-rooted pride in basketball suspends all of that for at least four quarters every few nights during the season."
Skylar Browning
Missoula Independent

"You've captured the spirt of the American west and what makes this country so great. I loved those kids, their families, their coaches, the towns that supported them. Even though their way of life is evaporating right in front of them, they carry on, what a hopeful film. Just great. Loved it."
John Dahl
Director of ROUNDERS and YOU KILL ME

"So much more than a sports documentary, “Class C” is a window into a Montana that is disappearing before our very eyes. Be you from the booming west of the state, where mansions, condos and box stores have sprouted in places that cabins and lumber mills once stood, or from the dying east, where family farms are giving way to corporation-sized operations and towns are turning ghostly, “Class C” is a wonderful reminder of the real Montana."
Vince Devlin

"More than a basketball movie, the documentary shows how families bond and small town communities rally behind groups of young women, whose chosen sport is merely the subplot."
Jake Nichols
Planet Jackson Hole





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